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Organizational Highlights


CIVIC PRIDE is a 501c(3) not-for-profit volunteer youth-serving organization-dedicated to providing youth the opportunities to develop the skills, attitudes and behaviors to become college, career and community ready!  We are proud to have received recognition from The White House, United States Congress, California Senate, Mayors, and the California House of Representatives for this very important and exciting work.  At Civic Pride, we believe that creating young people who are intelligent, caring, and responsible is everyone’s concern.  Our youth cannot do it alone.  Therefore, with broad-based private and public partnerships along with dedicated volunteers; middle, high and college-aged students are able to participate in activities that develop and reinforce the skills, attitudes, and behaviors they need to be successful in school, college, the workplace and within our local and global communities.  Through the power of partnerships, Civic Pride has pioneered the following free innovative programs and initiatives:

1.    In 1989, Civic Pride began the Youth Art & Essay Contest that involved thousands of Oakland-Bay Area
       students in depicting positive images of their communities and, more importantly, shown how they
       can participate and make it better!

2.    In 1990, Civic Pride hosted the Family & Community Resource Faire, spearheaded a media
       campaign to highlight the positive elements of Oakland, and implemented the first Oakland-based Back-
       To-School Supply Give-Away program; now being replicated throughout the City.

3.    In 1991, Civic Pride worked with the Oakland City Council to pass a resolution proclaiming November as
       Civic Pride Month in the City of Oakland.  That same year, Civic Pride launched the Civic Awards
       recognition program for distinguished Community Service.

4.    Since 1994, thousands of dollars in college scholarships have been awarded to deserving
       graduating high school students through the Youth Ambassador Scholarship Program where they are 
       mentored throughout their college careers.

5.    In 1995, Civic Pride appeared in the nationally syndicated cartoon strip Wee Pals by international
       cartoonist, Morrie Turner, who became a valued partner and volunteer until his untimely passing in

6.    In 1997, Civic Pride coordinated efforts with the Oakland Board of Education to pass a resolution
       recognizing the need for civic education throughout the K-12 curriculum.

7.    In 2004 and 2005, Civic Pride hosted the ‘Connecting the Dots: Creating High Performance K-12
       Schools’ Education Conference in Oakland, to promote the benefits of engaging students in civic 
       activities. Congresswoman Barbara Lee and, and then, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack
       O’Connell served as honorary co-chairs.

8.    In 2005 and 2006, Civic Pride worked with the Alameda County Office of Education and the Peralta
       Community College District to pass resolutions proclaiming October as Civic Pride Month.

9.    In 2006, Civic Pride launched the 'Knowledge is Power' Youth Leadership Conference.

10.  In 2007, Civic Pride worked with the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to enable poll workers to
       donate their stipends to a charity of their choice; and began the CivicMatters Initiative that is designed
       to raise awareness of issues adversely impacting adolescents and teens.  Thus, The Youth Leadership
       Awards Program for Community Service was developed to target middle and high school students.

11.   In 2009, Civic Pride worked with the Emeryville Unified School District to pass a resolution
        proclaiming October as Civic Pride Month.

12.   In 2010, Civic Pride continued working with schools and districts thoughout the Bay Area to both
        require, and improve the community service experiences of middle and high school students.

13.   In 2015, the Founder and CEO of Civic Pride received the Jefferson Award for Distinguished Community

We humbly share these accomplishments with each of our partners who, over the years, made these achievements possible.

Thank You And God Bless!